Triad Discipleship Groups

Are you growing in your faith?

Do you want to go deeper?

Do you want to learn to follow Jesus in community with like-minded disciples?

Consider joining a triad at Stehman Church!

Our triads are small discipleship groups, at least 3 people per group. Each group commits to meeting at least once a month for a year. The groups choose their own curriculum in January to study for the coming year. Meetings can be held anywhere, but we encourage triads to meet in public spaces or in homes rather than at the church, for a more informal atmosphere. Each group has a coordinator to handle meeting schedules and to stay in contact with the pastor, but the leadership structure is intentionally "flat."

Triad participants can decide at the end of the year whether they want to continue in the group, be placed in another triad or leave the program.

"Open enrollment" for 2014 is under way! New participants can sign up at church (an enrollment sheet is available in the lobby) or by emailing Pastor Helen.

The annual reorganization meeting for triads is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 7 p.m. at the church. Coordinators and new participants are asked to attend (but the meeting is open to everyone!) to choose curriculum and finalize group membership.

For more information, contact Pastor Helen.

Or ask any of our current triad participants to describe their experiences!